CycleMore 5.25 Inch Desktop Computer Accessories LCD Fan Controller Panel with Hub Cooling

Quick Details

Usage: Industrial

Theory: Temperature Controller

Fan controller: CPU

Usage: 5.25 fan controller

Certification: CE,ROHS,FCC

Application: Computer Case

Type: 12v fan controller

Power: 10W


Digital Temperature controller

LCD display,fan speed,temp control

5-12v,8W per channel

CPU temperature controller

Kindly Note: This is not a touch panel functionQuick Details


HighSpeed PC Top Deck Tech Station - Large (EATX) /Black

The “Top Deck” versions of our Tech Station workbenches are the most popular. The motherboard platform is on the upper deck giving easiest access for testing and swapping out computer hardware. Hard Drive Rails store drives under the upper shelf and a single fan moves air over both the drives and the motherboard. With the motherboard on the top shelf there are no height restrictions for CPU heatsinks and all the motherboard components can be changed very easily. The height between shelves is 7″ offering enough room for all your optical drives, power supply, and even more hard drives if needed. Non-conductive materials: Our Tech Stations are made of non-electrically conductive, scratch-resistant, high grade polymers and has tested ESD Compliant both in-house and at AMD’s labs in Austin TX. Metal screws and brackets are not exposed in sensitive areas, the motherboard rests on protective rubber standoffs, the lower shelf has a non-slip neoprene work mat, and the test bench sits on non-slip thermoplastic rubber feet. No worries of frying your hardware like with other inferior benches. Power the PC On/Off and monitor HDD activity: Plugging directly onto the motherboard, The ATX Control Kit takes the place of the computer case power and reset switches, power and hard disk drive activity lights, and system warning speaker so that PC hardware can operate totally independent of a standard computer case. Pictured hardware not included.